Chair’s Message, October 2016

Chair’s Message – October 2016

As this year winds down, our local section activity ramps up. Several of these events arise from new areas of activity in our section for you to check out.  Evidence follows.

SCVACS Younger Chemists Committee (YCC) is back!

Matt Greaney is working with the ownership of the Golden State Brewery in Santa Clara to host a gathering of chemists on their premises for the evening of November 15, 2016.  Brewmaster Seth Hendrickson will lead a tour of the facility and speak about the brewing process. The event is jointly sponsored by the YCC and the Senior Chemists Committee.  Flights of beer and food truck refreshments will lubricate intergenerational conversations.  Keep an eye on the event’s webpage for registration information.

Matt is an Alternate Councilor for the SCVACS. He has been active in the California section’s YCC and has plans to organize joint Younger Chemists programs between the two vicinal sections.  Contact him with your ideas for future YCC events and to become involved with this dynamic YCC group.

Monterey Bay ACS activity thrives

Slava Bekker is taking the reins in organizing our future Monterey Bay (MB) area ACS activity with a dinner lecture scheduled for Friday evening, October 21st.  This second MB event follows the inaugural Monterey Bay ACS event that took place in April 2016 at Cabrillo College and sold out due to high demand!

The October 21st event will take place at the Moss Landing Marine Labs. Dr. Kenneth Coale will speak about his research “Seeing Through The Fog: Discovering the Cycling of Mercury From Sea To Land”. Preview it here.

Slava is on the chemistry faculty of Hartnell Community College in Salinas. She is a member of the SCVACS Teacher Scholar Community College Award Committee.  Her extracurricular activity includes mobilizing to provide after-school science tutoring in Salinas-area high schools, in longer term preparation for their participation in the ACS Chemistry Olympiad.

Also on tap for October and November:

Saturday, October 1: a repeat of last year’s popular multi-section ACS event at UC Davis, “The Flavors of Chemistry”. Professors Moshe Rosenberg and Andrew Waterhouse presented the chemistry of cheese and wine, respectively. Their talks were accompanied by a generous series of wine and cheese pairings.

Saturday, October 15: local celebration of National Chemistry Week with the theme “Solving Mysteries through Chemistry”. Martin Luther King Library, San Jose.  A day of hands-on science activities for elementary-school children and their parents organized by SCVACS member Abby Kennedy. Area chemists will supervise and explain the importance of each activity.  Volunteers welcomed.

Saturday, November 5: The Bay Area Science Festival Discovery Day at AT&T Park – hundreds of hands-on activities and opportunities to meet local scientists and engineers in a forum of educational entertainment on a major league baseball field.  The entire ballpark is packed with booths, including ours with hands-on ACS activities.   SCVACS member Natalie McClure oversees our participation and welcomes you as a volunteer.

November 17: SCVACS Community College Teacher-Scholar Award Ceremony and Dinner.  San Jose City College. More info to follow on our website and in our newsletter.  Contact: Jose Cabrera.

November 30: SCVACS tour of the new Silicon Valley US Patent and Trademark Office, San Jose.  More info to follow on our website and in our newsletter. Contact: Howard Peters.


We hope to see you at one or several of these upcoming events. Bring a friend or family member to introduce them to your dynamic local ACS science organization.

Be sure to participate in the 2016 elections of your SCVACS 2017 leadership team! You will receive a ballot and voting instructions by email early November.

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