ACS Book Club

The Silicon Valley ACS Section is starting a book club. We will read and discuss books at the intersection of science, society, politics, history, law, art, etc. The goal is to foster interest in science beyond research and learn more about society’s issues. In addition, we hope the book club encourages people to meet and talk and possibly become more involved in their community. We plan to have the book club one Saturday for a couple of hours in September or October at a Stanford University library.

Our first step is to identify a book. Here is where you can help! Which book do you want to read (see table below with links to Amazon)?

Email me (Ean Warren) at your books and interest. I’ll add you to the email list.

Books (HB=Hardback; PB=Paperback; eB=eBook)

Author Title HB PB eB
Atul Gawande Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters in the End Y Y Y
Carl Djerassi How I Beat Coca-Cola and Other Tales of One-Upmanship N Y Y
Ed Young I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us and a Grander View of Life Y Y Y
Elizabeth Grossman Chasing Molecules: Poisonous Products, Human Health, and the Promise of Green Chemistry Y Y Y
Jack Gilbert Dirt is Good: The Advantage of Germs for your Child’s Developing Immune System Y N Y
James Gleick Time Travel: A History Y Y Y
Sean Carroll The Big Picture: On the Origins of Life, Meaning, and the Universe Itself Y Y Y
Margareta Sequin The Chemistry of Plants and Insects, Plants, Bugs, and Molecules N Y Y
Mary Roach Gulp: Adventures on the Alimentary Canal Y Y Y
Michael White Acid Tongues and Tranquil Dreamers: Tales of Bitter Rivalry That Fueled the Advancement of Science and Technology Y N N
Patrick Coffey Cathedrals of Science: The Personalities and Rivalries That Made Modern Chemistry Y Y Y
Penny Le Couteur Napoleon’s Buttons: How 17 Molecules Changed History Y Y Y
Rebecca Skloot The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks Y Y Y
Sharon Weinberger The Imagineers of War: The Untold Story of DARPA, the Pentagon Agency That Changed the World Y N Y
Siddhartha Mukherjee The Gene: An Intimate History Y Y Y
Siddhartha Mukherjee The Emperor of All Maladies: A Biography of Cancer Y Y Y

Let me know what you think.