ACS Book Club

The Silicon Valley ACS Section is starting a book club. We will read and discuss books at the intersection of science, society, politics, history, law, art, etc. The goal is to foster interest in science beyond research and learn more about society’s issues. In addition, we hope the book club encourages people to meet and talk and possibly become more involved in their community. Our first meeting will be at a Stanford University library on October 21.

For our first book, I wanted to choose a book that discussed a global, relevant, impactful issue. One of the defining events in the 20th century was the Spanish Flu outbreak from March 1918 to March 1920. During that time, the flu is thought to have infected 1/3 of the human population around the world and killed 50-100 million people. In a new book on the Spanish Flu, “Pale Rider: The Spanish Flu of 1918 and How It Changed the World” (307 pages), author Laura Spinney writes about the history, geography, and science of the flu and its effects on society and politics. I’m excited to reading this book and discuss it with you.

The book can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google Play Books, and Kobo in hardcover, Kindle, and audio formats. The eBook costs $18.99.

Our first meeting will be on Saturday, October 21 at the Gazebo at Stanford. The location may change based on the number of people available. I have set up a Doodle poll for the time to meet. Please go to to choose times when you’ll be available.

My plans for the future of the book club is to choose leaders for the next two meetings. The leaders will choose a book for their event and lead the discussion. If you are interested in this role, let me know.

Send an email to to be added to the email list. Or email me (Ean Warren) at