Annual report

Santa Clara Valley Section
Annual Report for 2014

By February 15 of each year, the local sections of the ACS must submit reports of their activities for the previous year to the national office in Washington, DC. National provides forms for us to fill out by putting them on a “FORMS” page on their website. Each section is assigned to its own set of forms to be filled out.

The Chair, Chair Elect, Immediate Past Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and sometimes Councilors or Alternate Councilors, fill these out. Committee chairs write reports, often illustrated with photos, of their activities for the year, and these are uploaded, usually in the form of a Microsoft Word file. We no longer ship 3-ring binders to National, although we do make one binder of the material as a permanent record for our own archives.

As we did beginning in 2004, we are making this material available here on our web site. National provides us with PDF versions of the forms into which we entered our data, and we present these here, along with web-page versions of the Supplementary Materials that we uploaded to the FORMS website.

First is the Administrative Form, which is provided here as a PDF file. It consists of answers to numerical
and check-off questions; e.g. “How many members are on your Executive Committee?”, and, “How many times did the Executive Committee meet in 2014?”

After the Administrative form, we list links to the Supplementary Materials submitted along with the main form.

Next is the Financial Form, similar to the IRS tax return that non-profit organizations such as the ACS and its sections and divisions must file. Our Executive Committee feels that this sort of information should not be displayed publicly, so we’re not putting it here on our website. SCV members are welcome to attend Executive Committee meetings minutes for the time and place of the next one–we meet monthly except for July), and there you may receive a copy of the monthly financial statements prepared by our treasurer.

Last are the Events, as the national office calls them, which were done by committees. The report on each Event consists of a form in which we enter information regarding such things as participation, cost, success of the event, and so forth. The form for each Event showing how we filled it out appears here as a PDF file. We also submit supplementary materials for each Event, usually written by the person in charge of the Event, and often illustrated by photos.

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Below are links to the supplementary materials giving detailed reports on activities we do to support the administrative functions of the Section. All but one of these are regular web pages (i.e.,. .html files); there are links at the bottom to return to this page or to our home page.

Electronic Election
E-Mail Notifications
Hospitality and Membership
Web usage

Finally we have “Events,” i.e., activities that we choose to do to advance the goals of the society, such as promoting chemistry and the advancement of science in general, particularly among younger people. Each of these is described, first, by an “Event Form” in which we fill in routine answers about who is the contact person for the event, how much it cost, and how well we think it turned out, and, second, by “Supporting Materials,” which are narrative reports written by the people involved with putting on the event.

Events Event Form (pdf) Supporting Materials, i.e. Narrative reports (html)
Community College Teacher-Scholar Award CC Teacher CC Teacher
Mosher Award Mosher Award Mosher Award
Chemistry Olympiad Olympiad Olympiad
SF National Meeting SF Meeting SF Meeting
Outreach Outreach Outreach
Teach the Teachers Workshop Teachers Teachers
Radding Award Radding Radding
Synopsis Science Fair Synopsis Synopsis
Project SEED Project SEED Project SEED
Connect with Chemists Connect Connect
Student Affairs Student Affairs Student Affairs
Tech Trek Tech Trek Tech Trek
Job Interview Workshop Interview Interview
Elements Project Elements Elements
ACS on Campus Campus Campus
Bay Area Science Festival BASF BASF