Congressional Chemistry Caucus

A new bipartisan Congressional Chemistry Caucus endorsed by the ACS and other chemistry organizations was launched on April 27, 2016, The Chemistry Caucus will provide a direct pipeline from ACS scientists to Congress and ultimately to the Senate to answer scientific questions about pressing issues relating to chemistry. This is a critical time for us to contact our Members of Congress to persuade them to join the caucus in its inception.

Here are some steps you can take to accomplish this goal.
1. Look up your member of Congress using your home zip code at this site:

2. Customize the prepared a Chemistry Caucus Recruitment Letter and send it to your member’s office.
Here’s some informative supporting material to use in customizing your letter:
– the number of chemistry-related jobs in your California district:
– a list of talking points about the Congressional Chemistry Caucus: Chemistry Caucus Talking Points

3. Follow up your letter with a phone call, email, or (best) a visit to the district office. Call ahead to make an appointment with the contact information provided at The provided talking points can be the catalyst for conversation in that visit.
Check the House schedule here: (under House, 2016 Calendar link).

Please let me know what questions you have. Thank you for working on this important task on behalf of chemistry and science.

Heidi Vollmer-Snarr
Stanford University Department of Chemistry