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Ottenberg Award
Mosher Award
Radding Award
Teacher-Scholar Award for Community College Faculty
Bubble Grant for Educators

Abraham Ottenberg Service Award

The Abraham Ottenberg Service Award award was established in 1973 by the Silicon Valley Section to recognize members who have rendered outstanding service to the Section. It is named after Abraham Ottenberg, a former member who devoted much of himself to service to the Section. The award currently consists of an engraved plaque and a check for $250. The award recipient is selected from candidates nominated by members of the Section. Nominees must be members or affiliates of the Silicon Valley Section.

Past recipients include:

1974 Shirley B. Radding (deceased) 1975 Oliver S. Senn 1976 Floyd M. Hobbs (deceased)
1977 Frank R. Mayo (deceased) 1978 Harry S. Mosher (deceased) 1979 Lois J. Durham
1980 Richard W. Gaver (deceased) 1981 Not awarded 1982 Alan C. Ling
1983 Ludwig A. Mayer and John F. Riley (deceased) 1984 Howard M. Peters 1985 Not awarded
1986 June G. Jones and Robert L. Montoya 1987 Malcolm Dole (deceased) 1988 Not awarded
1989 Not awarded 1990 Not awarded 1991 Donald E. Green
1992 Hubert E. Dubb 1993 Karl Marhenke 1994 Stephen N. Senzer
1995 Carol W. Mosher 1996 Not awarded 1997 Not awarded
1998 Bonnie Charpentier 1999 Linda Brunauer 2000 Herb Silber
2001 Sally Peters 2002 Jamil Talhouk 2003 Ean Warren
2004 Maureen Scharberg 2005 Hong Gao 2006 George Lechner
2007 David Parker 2008 Bruce Raby 2009 Peter Rusch
2010 Stephanie Gehling 2011 Abby Kennedy 2012 Harry Ungar
2013 Natalie McClure 2014 Not awarded 2015 Todd Eberspacher
2016 Susan Oldham-Fritts 2017 Ihab Darwish

Nominating letters should include a brief biography of the candidate and a description or evaluation of the service(s) to be recognized by the award. Seconding nominations are not required but will be accepted.
The deadline for submission of nominations is the last day in May of each year.

Nominations should be emailed to Natalie McClure or mailed to:

Chair, Ottenberg Award Committee
Silicon Valley Section
American Chemical Society
P.O. Box 395
Palo Alto, CA 94302-0395

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Harry and Carol Mosher Award

This award was established in 1980 by our Section to:

  1. recognize and encourage outstanding work in chemistry,
  2. advance chemistry as a profession, and
  3. recognize service to ACS.

The award is named for the late Dr. Harry S. Mosher of Stanford University, Palo Alto, California, and Carol W. Mosher of the Stanford Research Institute International, Menlo Park, California, husband and wife, charter members and long-time supporters of this Section.

The award currently consists of an engraved plaque and a check for $2000.

The first scientists to receive this award were Drs. Harry and Carol Mosher themselves in recognition of the inspiration of their example. The committee noted that the Moshers, including a brother, Dr. William A. Mosher, also a chemist and former Chairman of the Department of Chemistry at University of Delaware, are outstanding examples of the qualities to be recognized and honored by this award.

Past recipients include:

1980 Harry (Stanford University, deceased) and Carol (SRI International) Mosher 1981 Robert C. Brasted
University of Minnesota (deceased)
1982 Ernest L. Eliel
University of North Carolina (deceased)
1983 Alfred (deceased) and Helen Free
Miles Laboratories
1984 Albert C. Zettlemoyer
Lehigh University (deceased)
1985 Malcolm Renfrew
University of Idaho
1986 Robert (South West Research Institute) and Gloria (UTSA) Lyle
(both deceased)
1987 John G. Verkade
Iowa State University
1988 Richard M. Lemmon (deceased)
Lawrence Berkeley Lab and U. C. Berkeley
1989 Arthur W. Adamson
University of Southern California (deceased)
1990 Fred Basolo
Northwestern University (deceased)
1991 Jean’ne M. Shreeve
University of Idaho
1992 Carl R. Johnson
Wayne State University
1993 Koji Nakanishi
Columbia University
1994 Peter Beak
University of Illinois
1995 Ned D. Heindel
Lehigh University
1996 Joginder Lal
Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company
1997 Joseph A. Dixon
Pennsylvania State University
1998 Glenn A. Crosby
Washington State University
1999 20-Year Recognition Event
no award given.
2000 Darleane Hoffman
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
2001 James Morrison
University of New Hampshire
2002 C. Marvin Lang
University of Wisconsin Stevens Point
2003 Joseph Lambert
Northwestern University
2004 Paul S. Anderson
DuPont Merck
2005 Michael Doyle
University of Maryland
2006 Robert Parry
University of Utah (deceased)
2007 Dennis Curran
University of Pittsburgh
2008 Theodore L. Brown
University of Illinois
2009 Howard (Peters, Verny, LLP) and Sally (Xerox PARC) Peters
2010 Tobin Marks
Northwestern University
2011 William F. Carroll
Oxy Chemical Corp.
2012 Charles and Martha Casey
University of Wisconsin
2013 Peter Wipf
University of Pittsburgh
2014 Scott Denmark
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
2015 Attila Pavlath
U.S. Department of Agriculture
2016 John Warner
Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry

Any ACS member in the United States is eligible to be nominated for the Mosher Award. Nominations, including attachments (e.g., reprints) should be sent by e-mail to Natalie McClure.

The nomination should address the criteria listed above in the first paragraph: outstanding work in chemistry, accomplishments in advancing chemistry as a profession, and service to the ACS. At least one seconding letter should be submitted (but no more than three).
The deadline for submission of nominations is the last day in May of each year.

Hard copy information, if necessary, may be sent to to:

Chair, Mosher Award Committee
Silicon Valley Section
American Chemical Society
PO Box 395
Palo Alto, CA 94302-0395

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Shirley B. Radding Award

This award was established in 1994 by our Section of ACS to recognize demonstrated, dedicated, unselfish leadership, service and significant contributions, over a sustained period of time, to industrial or applied chemistry and to the American Chemical Society at local, regional and national levels. The award is named for Shirley B. Radding, who was a charter member and long-time supporter of this Section. It currently consists of an engraved plaque, and a check for $1000.

Past recipients include:

1994 Shirley B. Radding (deceased) 1995 Dr. Agnes Ann Green(deceased) 1996 Dr. John C. “Jack” Riley (deceased)
1997 Dr. Howard M. Peters 1998 Dr. Alan C. Nixon (deceased) 1999 Valerie J. Kuck
2000 Halley A. Merrell 2001 Dr. Norman A. LeBel (deceased) 2002 Dr. Paul H. L. Walter
2003 Jean’ne M. Shreeve 2004 Maureen Chan 2005 Glenn Fuller
2006 Janan Hayes 2007 Merle Eiss 2008 Dorothy Phillips
2009 Bryan Balazs 2010 Herb Silber 2011 Carol A. Duane
2012 Bonnie A. Charpentier 2013 Mamie W. Moy 2014 Lee H. Latimer
2015 Connie Murphy 2016 Sally Peters

Nominations should be made by regular mail at the address below, or by e-mail to Heddie Nichols, and should include seconding material.
The deadline for the receipt of nominations is May 1 of the year of the award.

Send mail nominations to:

Chair, Radding Award Committee
Silicon Valley Section
American Chemical Society
PO Box 395
Palo Alto, CA 94302-0395

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Teacher-Scholar Award
for Community College Chemistry Faculty

The American Chemical Society (ACS) gives awards at local, regional and national levels, for excellent teaching at the high school, college and university levels. This award is the first in the nation to recognize the contributions of community college chemistry teachers to science education.

The award was established by our Section in 2008. Each year it will honor an outstanding faculty member from one of the 13 community colleges in our local area which includes five counties around San José, California. The award will be presented annually, usually at the November dinner. The award currently consists of a plaque and a check for $500 for the winner, with another $500 check being donated to the winner’s chemistry department.

We hope that our initiative will generate publicity and catalyze the creation of similar awards at the local ACS section level, at regional levels, and ultimately at the national level. Another local section has already expressed interest. We hope that the publicity surrounding these awards is expected to increase the visibility and respect accorded to community college science education, both by other chemists and the general public.

We want to reach as many ACS local sections as quickly as possible. If you are active in one, or know some one who is, please present this idea to them. For supporting information about the award and how it works, please contact Slava Bekker of Hartnell College. She will provide all the materials needed to make it easy to set up an award.

Past recipients include:

2009: Jeanette Medina, Cañada College
2010: T. R. Dickson, Cabrillo College
2011: Madeline Adamczeski, San Jose City College
2012: Cinzia Muzzi, De Anza College
2013: Jose Cabrera, San Jose City College
2014: Robert Tricca, Cañada College
2015: Mark Zheng, San Jose City College

Any chemistry faculty member, active or emeritus, from any of the 13 community colleges in the Silicon Valley Section’s territory (San Mateo, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, San Benito and Monterey Counties) is eligible to be nominated for this award. Membership in the ACS is not a requirement for the nominee.

Relevant Achievements of the Nominee

  • Excellent teaching in the classroom and the laboratory
  • Extensive mentoring and encouragement of students toward academic success
  • Collaborations with local high schools and four year colleges and universities, leading to more student transfers and better articulation
  • Educational innovation, evaluation and dissemination
  • Published articles and books related to chemistry education
  • Supervision of undergraduate research
  • Participation in grant funded projects promoting innovative teaching methods and undergraduate research
  • Exceptional contributions to the college’s chemistry department
  • Public outreach
  • Contributions to the local community, for example through the K-12 system

To submit a nomination, click here for the nomination form, fill it out and e-mail it along with relevant materials to the e-mail address given on the form.
The deadline for nominations is usually in late fall.

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Science Educators
Win a BUBBLE Grant!
Up to $500 will be Awarded

Submission Guidelines
The Silicon Valley Section of the American Chemical Society wants to provide elementary and secondary school educators with the tools they need to revitalize science programs. The section is pleased to announce a call for proposals from K-12 science teachers to apply for a BUBBLE grant of up to $500 for worthwhile science projects. Grants will be awarded for projects that enhance the teaching of physical, life or earth science. This grant program will consider funding of amounts requested in a proposal, but reserves the right to fund some proposals partially. The grant may not be used for teacher awards or compensation. Qualified uses of the funds are for purchases related to the proposed project such as scientific equipment, instructional materials and/or supplies.

Project Description
The proposals should total no more than two pages (700 words or less) and should include the following items:

  • An explanation of the project and/or specific learning activities
  • Targeted student population
  • Expected outcomes
  • Effective evaluation methods to measure achievement
  • Grant amount requested (up to $500)
  • Specific use of the funds
  • Brief description of the school and how this grant would be beneficial including information that demonstrates financial need (200 words or less)
  • Contact person for proposal (name, school affiliation, phone, e-mail)

Time Schedule
The annual grant program is open for applications on March 1. The deadline for submission of all proposals is September 1. The winners will be announced and contacted by e-mail after October 1.

Proposal Evaluation
A panel of professional scientists who are members of the American Chemical Society will score all applications on the basis of innovative ideas, plans for implementation and financial need.

Grant Terms and Conditions
Schools must be state accredited and have 50 or more students. Only one application per school is allowed. The grant application must be submitted by an employee of the school who is 18 years of age or older. The winners are expected to submit a summary report for dissemination. All applications must be submitted electronically in either a Word or Adobe PDF file and sent by e-mail to

Experiment picture Electrodes Experiment picture Experiment picture

Click here for a PDF version of this page which you can download, print and post on a bulletin board.

Click here for a Microsoft Word .doc file that you can download use as a template for a grant application. Just fill it out by editing it in Word or Open Office, save a copy, and e-mail it as directed above.

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